S505 Cold-Tuff® Sleeve
S505 Cold-Tuff® Sleeve
S505 Cold-Tuff® Sleeve
S505 Cold-Tuff® Sleeve
S505 Cold-Tuff® Sleeve

S505 62-64mm 1041401

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S505 Cold-Tuff® Sleeve manson cablu dimensiune 62-64 mm
Stock No. 1041401
Greutate proprie aprox. 10.5 Kg
For Flemish eye wire rope splicing.
Designed for low temperature toughness.
Resists cracking when swaged (equals or exceeds stainless steel sleeves).
Special processed low carbon steel.
“COLD TUFF”® for better swageability.
Sizes 6-7 through 37-38mm satisfy the type testing requirements for Flemish ferrule secured systems per EN 13411-3:2004 except those additional requirements defined for crane hoist rope.
Can be stamped for identification after swaging without concern for fractures when following these directions.
Use round corner stamps to a maximum depth of 1.38mm.
The area for stamping should be on the side of the sleeve in the plane of the sling eye, and no less than 7mm from either end of the sleeve.
Standard Steel Sleeve terminations have efficiency ratings as follows based on the catalog strength of wire rope.