Soft Eye Bundle Clip
Soft Eye Bundle Clip

G461 - Soft Eye Bundle Clip

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Rope Size Bundle Clip Style Stock No. Weight Each(kg) Dimensions (mm)
mm in. D F G H K O
18-20 3 / 4 G460 1010509 1,1 38,1 26,9 57,2 72,1 88,9 105
18-20 3 / 4 G461 1010619 1,1 38,1 26,9 57,2 72,1 88,9 72,4

Each base and Bundle Clip adapter has a product identification code (pic) for material tracability, the name CROSBYor CG, and a size forged into it.
Entire clip-galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting action.
Forged bases and bundle clip adapters.
All bundle clips are individually bagged ortagged with proper application instructions and warning information.
Clips have rolled threads.
Meets or exceeds allrequirements ofASME B30.26 including manufacturing I.D. and size requirements. Importantly, these wire rope bundle clips meet material traceability, not addressed byASME B30.26.
Bundle ClipAdapterfor Soft Eye (G4460) and for Thimble Eye (G4461) kits available.
Look fortheRed-U-Bolt, your assurance of Genuine Crosby Products.