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Is a coffee lounge for the Bucharest community to enjoy high quality coffee in a trendy, relaxed atmosphere. Blue 69 Cafe : the shop is located at 69 A Uverturii Avenue, 6 th District , Bucharest.
It is a place for people to get more than just generic coffee drinks. This is coffee for coffee-lovers.

Our vision for a coffee lounge is an atmosphere that is welcoming, yet trendy atmosphere. We have highlighted the best of our location’s Bucharest character.

Is a place for your daily, morning latte, gathering for a snack with friends or meeting a first date for good conversation.
We are particularly proud that the reach and reputation of our company has extended much farther than our home town of Bucharest.

Today, our gourmet coffee and tea is recognized throughout the world enabling our perfect cup of coffee or tea to be enjoyed in fine establishments both locally and abroad. We have truly become a global business, winning the world over, cup by cup.

It is through the magic of the internet that we now see the opportunity for our stellar reputation to expand directly into your neighborhood. Proudly, we offer you our signature Blue 69 Cafe and invite you to become a member of our exclusive Blue 69 Cafe.
Let us be your personal coffee and tea purveyor, bringing our renowned taste and reputation into the comfort of your new own home : Blue 69 Cafe.

A professional barman will ‘seduce you’ with the most delicious cocktails and perfect service.
Discover the hidden world behind Blue 69 Cafe - or ask the barman which cold beer he has on tap!Experience the special atmosphere of a typical Bucharest bar. Sit down with a newspaper and hot coffee and enjoy life @ Blue 69 Cafe You are welcome every day to feel your life with a new breeze @ dream (coffee) team Blue 69 Cafe.

Website : www.totalblue.ro & www.blue69cafe.ro